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The most famous and coolest place called Bol (where I'm from anyway) is located right next to "Zlatni rat", the most unique natural wonder you'll ever lay your eyes on.

From Supetar to Bol

Now, you're in Supetar with no ride?

No sweat. Quick call and me and my trusty buddy Opel Vivaro (8 seats) are on our way!

From Bol to Supetar

As per getting back the story is same. Quick call or msg and BANG! You got yourself a ride and you're there in no time to catch your ferry.


I am a professional driver, fluent in english.
Brač born and bred. Retired rugby player.

Since I'm local, as well as my mom, pops and grandparents... I can only tell you that my knowledge about the place is unique. Once we're on our way, any kind of questions are welcome, so shoot.

You can enjoy the ride with a side of good ol' boom bap hip hop, plain radio, complete silence, or as we mentioned above, conversing about stuff you asked.

island tours

Brač is third biggest island on the Croatian coast so it's best to take that into consideration, especially if you're without a vehicle of any kind.

My honest opinion if you want to get to know the island a bit better is booking an island tour with me as a guide. This tour is highly customizable and is definitely worth a look.

price list

Destination Price with 10% discount
Bol - Supetar 60 €
Bol - Milna 80 €
Bol - Sumartin 50 €
Bol - Pučišća 45 €
Bol - Sutivan 80 €
Bol - Postira 60 €
Bol - Brač airport 35 €
Bol - Split airport * 250 €
Bol - Split airport (combined transfer) 150 €
Local transfers (Bol county) 15 €
Trips and Island tours Please contact me as the price varies.

Other way around - same price.
Children safety car seat, if needed, has to be required in advance.

* Direct transfer with ferry tickets included.


Any kind of transfer can be arranged, so feel free to ask and we'll figure something out.

Obrt za prijevoz vl. Šime E. Sorić
Blato 18, 21420 Bol - Brač island

m: +385 95 892 07 41